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About Us

A Thought Out of the Box

We believe that every individual is unique and has unique talents and traits. Everyone is full of inspiring ideas and has so much to share with the world but not everyone can speak with ease – especially when it comes to speaking in the global language – English.

With loads of practical ideas and vision to help people develop their communication skills, their confidence and their overall personality we established Goal Mentors in the year 2018. Our tagline is our passion – Bring Out the Best in You. Tell your story to the world, speak your mind in the language that everyone understands.

We help professionals and adults develop their skills- especially Communication Skills, and their English language skills. Besides individual and group classes for Spoken English and Communication skills, we provide many training programs for public speaking, storytelling, , soft skills, personality development, voice and accent, IELTS, TOEFL and so on.

We also conduct independent workshops on leadership skills, time management etc for young entrepreneurs. We also do workshops and seminars for college students wherein we help them acquire the necessary skills which they need to ace their interview at the placement drive and help them be ready for the corporate world.

What Makes us different from other training institute –  

The founder of Goal Mentors – Effie, developed a unique way of learning English language just like one’s native language through a proven method of ‘listening and speaking’.

The methodology is all about adopting a practical approach of picking up the language as it is. Effie believes in the idea that language is an art and it has its own style and rhythm and English is no different; in fact it is a must in today’s era of globalization and one must learn it as it is just the way one has learnt his native language – just like babies. They listen observantly, they imitate, they err, they try again and succeed at last.

A toddler cannot utter the words properly but still he is able to convey his message, why? Because he speaks in rhythm, and that’s it whereas when non-natives speak, they lack the rhythm. Also, they don’t have the feel-factor in it. Most of the people who speak or learn English as a second language take it as a subject.

We, the trainers at Goal Mentors, change this approach of learning English language. We make you think in English through our stimulating activities. Thus, you speak directly in the language without doing any translation in your head. Our experts, first assess your problems then we design a training module for you focusing on your learning needs.